Heart Echo Scan

Echocardiogram Heart Scan Ultrasound Imaging (2D-Color Doppler) is the actual ultrasound video pictures of the heart. It visualizes the inside of the heart to detect enlargement of the heart, evaluates the four valve abnormalities, Heart Murmur (leaky valve), Stenosis, Blockages, Blood Clots and Tumors. If you have a history of heart blood pressure, heart attack or stroke in your family; we encourage you to include this exam. Not only does the screening provide real-time video images of the heart functions, but it also aids in detecting heart problems in its early stage. An acoustic painless, non-invasive transducer with gel is applied on your chest and moved around to visualize all insides of your heart and the technician will measure the thickness of heart walls, chambers and Doppler measurements across the valves. $110.00